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The Cosplay Compendium

where rapunzel at

Mako Mori by gorecorekitty
Photo by yorkinabox
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UPDATE: Many thanks to testsubjectb for identifying the cosplayer. Post has now been updated.

Securing Wigs with Toupee Clips by Epic CosplayView the full tutorial here:
Little PSA from yours truly….

Copy pasta’d from my cosplay page…

Just saying, if you randomly critique a persons cosplay without solicitation, you’re kinda a jerk. No one deserves your random comment on what is inaccurate with their cosplay unless they ASK. Ten to one, a cosplayer already knows what’s inaccurate about their cosplay and doesn’t need you enforcing that feeling of them being not completely accurate and thus (in some cases) not good enough. We’re human, we make mistakes, we don’t always get it 100 percent right the first time. No cosplay is perfect and you should never expect a person to have it perfect.

And most of all don’t be rude about it even if someone asks for a critique. Don’t say things like “oh the wig is wrong,” or “your skirt is incorrect.” Instead be polite. Say things more positively, like “I think your skirt is good, but if you want to make it even better perhaps shorten it just a bit” or “your wig looks very nice, but it needs a teeny more styling and it will be perfect!” Remember, don’t be a jerk. Being a jerk is only going to hurt peoples feelings and make you look bad. Be positive, be fair, but don’t run around like you know better and you’re some kind of cosplay police. We’re all geeks in costumes.


Let me take a second to talk about these things. I found them while looking for makeup for my friends Kanaya cosplay and holycrap are they amazing. These are lip and eye liner, these pencils are a two in one deal- three in one if you want to use it as a lipstick.
Oh and the best part? You get all twelve colors for $5.21. If that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is. You can get them here. <3

I am so behind with this lol - the star is just taped on and I’ve cut out the stripe but need to stick them on. Then SEWING.